VASTO A walk through two thousand years of history and beauty Vasto, on its hill close to the coast, is a collection of breathtaking views. Furthermore, the city is a compendium of two thousand years of history that you can relive by walking in one of the largest historical centers in this part of Italy. […]


Gastronomy Our flavors. The real ones. Cooked as before. There is little to do… fashions are also very important in food. And this unfortunately makes for similar flavors that you can find in places that are also very different from each other. We, on the other hand, want you to live an authentic gastronomic experience […]


ARTE Immerse yourself with us in the ancient art of our town and touch it with your hand The people of Vasto have always liked to surround themselves with beautiful things. The splendid mosaics of the Roman baths bear witness to this, but also the paintings from the workshops of Veronese and Titian that the […]


CULTURe Only with us can you truly understand the territory, its history, its culture. To make you understand Vasto, we have carried out a long and precise investigation. With the eyes of those who, like us, have traveled the world and with the love and passion that only those who still carry the land of […]


Services Everything you need for a stress-free vacation. Best Vasto offers you all the services you need to have a stress-free and worry-free vacation. Upon your arrival, if you are traveling by car, you can leave your vehicle in the parking garage just a few meters from the property. Throughout the hotel, you will have […]


Breakfast Breakfast with table service, a coffee bar, fresh pastries, and homemade cakes. A good breakfast is the best way to start the day, and at Best Vasto, we go above and beyond to offer you what you prefer and even something extra that you didn’t expect! You can choose from our rich buffet or […]


Comfort A modern facility with comfortable and spacious rooms, deluxe bathrooms, and well-equipped amenities. When going on an adventure all day long, it is essential to have a “good retreat,” a cozy place to sleep, rest, and rejuvenate as if you were in your own home. Space and ergonomics We have designed our rooms according […]


Location Conveniently accessible by all means of transportation, perfect as a starting point for excursions. Vasto is an important road junction. The two exits of the A14 highway and the Trigno valley make it easy to reach from any direction. By car, it is just over a two-hour drive from Bari and Naples, three hours […]

Pecorino en

Pecorino The market favorite Originally from the Sibillini Mountains, a stretch of Marche on the border with Abruzzo, the Pecorino grape has been recently rediscovered and, entrusted to the hands of skilled winemakers, has become an extraordinary success both critically and among the public, making it one of the emerging wines in the national and […]

Cerasuolo en

Cerasuolo The quintessential Abruzzese Before the development of modern winemaking techniques, in Abruzzo, grapes were typically vinified in white, meaning that the grape skins were separated from the must. When this technique was applied to Montepulciano grapes, it resulted in the production of Cerasuolo, a wine whose color and aromas resembled those of “cirase,” or […]

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