Weekend + eBike

Three days of all-inclusive experiences to discover the best of Vasto and the Costa dei Trabocchi!

The weekend + eBike formula is ideal if you want to combine the sea and nature with the culture, history and flavors of the splendid city of Vasto.

Our offer includes:

*Suites for 2,3,4 people (adults) are available.

Starting from €214.00 per person

(tourist tax € 1.50 per day per person excluded).

Remember to select the e-bike from the purchase options.

WE x 2
€ 499,00

WE x 3
€ 677,00

WE x 4
€ 855,00

Attention! The weekend offer is also available outside the weekend with a 25% discount on the overnight stay. From Monday to Thursday, with two consecutive nights on the days of your choice, the same services starting from €193.00 per person.

WE discount x 2
€ 439,00

WE discount x 3
€ 605,00

WE discount x 4
€ 771,00

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