We offer you only the Best of Vasto and the Costa dei Trabocchi

Best Vasto is simply all the best of Vasto and the Costa dei Trabocchi at your fingertips.

Created in 2018 by the writer and gastronome from Vasto Alessandro Obino, Best Vasto offers accommodation, catering and dissemination to allow you to get to know a wonderful area where you can spend moments of leisure, culture, pleasure and joy.

Vasto, in fact, is known for its sea. Splendid beaches and rocky coasts overlooked by the Trabocchi, fishing machines that seem to have come out of distant times. But it’s not just the sea. It is a city with three thousand years of history. It is a treasure trove of material culture, crafts, art and gastronomy. It is the ancient capital of an important marquisate which has left the remains of its ancient splendor and grandeur impressed on its town plan.

Above all, Vasto is a place outside the big tourist flows that trivialize everything and that can be enjoyed slowly and outside the box. This is why Best Vasto offers you an immersive experience in which we take you by the hand from your arrival until your departure, giving you the opportunity to explore with us over 35 sites in the historic center, 16 breathtaking viewpoints within pedal reach, the history of two thousand years of civilization and the material culture of a people who have always lived in close contact with nature, with the land and its sea.

Attention! Best Vasto is not a tour operator. We don’t offer you anything that isn’t made directly by us. All the services described on this site: hotels, restaurants, eBike rental services, audio guides are all Best Vasto products. This allows us to guarantee you 100% the quality of the services we provide. It also allows us to guarantee the sustainability and ethics of our tourist activity. All the staff of the accommodation facilities and restaurants are regular employees of Best Vasto, with minimal recourse to seasonal employment and over 80% of workers on permanent contracts and active all year round.

Does that seem too little to you?

Not for us, especially taking into account the usual situation in this sector.

We, on the other hand, guarantee that by spending your holidays with Best Vasto you will not only be happy, but also all those who are working to give you the services that will make your experience unique.


We explain our city and its coast to you like no one else can because we have the perspective of someone who has traveled the world, but we have always brought with us the place where we were born!


Ours has always been a land of beauty. Figurative art has always been part of our identity. Spend your holidays among the most beautiful works of the best Vasto artists of yesterday and today.


At the Taverna del Vasto you will find tradition not only in the recipes, but also in the true flavors of our land and you will feel as if you were invited into the house.

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